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Annabelle was our first Bernese Mountain Dog. We got her from my brother who has been breeding labs for 20 years. He was going to start breeding this breed as well and then had to move away for the summer. Anna was seven months old when we got her. She was the best dog I had ever owned. We fell head over heals in love with her and decided that we wanted to breed this breed after much research on them. Anna had her first litter just after she turned two. We chose to keep Oaklee from her second litter and Kehlani from her fourth litter. ​

We are a family of six. I have four daughters who have been a great help in this process and all love dogs as much as I do. They play with and help socialize the dogs a lot. Our females are all health tested and hip certified before breeding. This is a great family breed and are very loving and loyal to their families as well. Mine are pretty good watch dogs and let us know if there is anyone outside by the house by barking. We look forward to working with you and helping you find a great dog for your family. 

Annabelle VI Retired

Born November 17th 2012

Mother to Oaklee, Kehlani

and Belle.

Oaklee Retired

Born Feb18th 2016 Retired

Kehlani Retired

Born June 1st 2017

Alpine Ollie Retired

Born June 7th 2018

Born June 7th 2018

Unique Nita Retired

Born June 19th 2018


Koda Bear

Born September 17th 2018


Born February 21st 2019

Jazzmynn Joy 

Born April 15th 2020 


Sequoia Singleton

Born August 27th 2020


Born March 21st 2021

Born November 7th 2021

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