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My name is Nichole. I am a mother of four amazing daughters. I am a caregiver and this was why I decided when my youngest was in kindergarten I was going to return to school and become a nurse. In the middle of my schooling I decided that the nursing program was not my calling. I received an Associates Degree and then chose to further my education and receive a Medical Administrative Certificate. After graduating from the program I decided I wanted to breed our amazing dog Annabelle and work part time. 


We got Anna when she was seven months old from my brother who breeds labs and has been for 20+ years. He was going to breed Berners as well and they had to move away for the summer the year they got her and were unable to spend time with her. I then said that I would love to have her. She has been with our family ever since. After much study and knowledge about the breed, I then decided I wanted to share this breed more with other.  We could never imagine our lives without a Bernese in it now that we have had one. By breeding dogs it has  allowed me to be here with my kids more. We are a busy family and love to spend time together making memories and take our trailer to go camping and fishing and make smores together.  

Our Bernese family has slowly began to grow to four females and planning to add our own Stud dog soon.

Nichole Brent



I am a proud owner of many dogs that I love very much.

Brent Family

All My Helpers


I can count on this gang to help when I need it. 

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